Q: Can you please just answer the question, do you think halloweenday would have made up something like that? -Anonymous

Damn I don’t know nor do I care

July 22nd
Q: And you know for sure that halloweenday is actually who she says she is? :) -Anonymous


July 22nd
Q: Except halloweenday was right there in on the lie, she was posting photos of "carys" but they were stolen from some blog on instagram.. So she probably was carys, she probably made the whole thing up. I just dont understand she seemed so nice and the story really did make sense. But if this all was made up halloweenday is 100% responsible -Anonymous

Do I give the impression off that I actually care

July 22nd
Q: Is your boyfriend ok too?:) -Anonymous

Yeah, he left the accident without any scratches on him. Funny how that works out right? I almost die and he’s okay haha but it’s okay because I’d never wish this kind of pain on anyone

July 22nd 1
Q: But do you know what was going on there? Im just curious, because I remember you had talked to halloweenday a bunch and you said she was nice.. -Anonymous

Yeah she’s a cupcake, but I don’t know/care about that Carys girl

July 21st


Hi y’all! Somehow I reached my goal and tricked over 1k of you guys into following me (how?? why??) so as promised, my first follow forever! I really follow a lot of people and love you all dearly but I tried to pare this down to a short list as best I could; if you aren’t on it rest assured I still dig your blog, these are just people I consider friends or whose blogs I look at like Pierre looks at Crosby. If we’re friends and I forgot you I’m so sorry, I’m trash. Thank you all for following this mess and sauce these guys a follow if you haven’t already!

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Why bright yellow Captain Crosby?!?

Because yellow brings out the color of my eyes

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So after 700 years I finally made it to 3 hunna crew and I just wanted to say thank you very much for following me. My blog’s changed a lot over the months that I’ve had it and y’all sticking through this chaotic mess of my life is honestly the greatest. Thank you for putting up with my liveblogging, my bitching, my weird posts about the Kim K game and harrassing my friends, and thank you so much for sticking up for me against crusty anons. This follow forever is for all of my friends and the people that I admire. If I forgot your name I’m sorry and please forgive me for being a dumbass

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Q: So those photos of that girl carys girl were all fake. I thought you were kind of friends with halloweenday.. Do you know whats going on?? -Anonymous

yooooooo dear lord pls have mercy on my soul why is this being brought up again

July 21st

one player per team → sean monahan, calgary flames

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best buddies sharing the cup

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One week post car accident selfie

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he’s beauty and he’s grace

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