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I really wish the anon I always get would come off anon and talk to me.

April 16th
Q: I love you. -Anonymous

I really needed something like this. Thank you! I love you too.

April 16th


allison say p*trick fckin sharp again i dare u

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I’m about to apply for a job at Disney lmfao 

April 16th 5

hahahahahaha I’m actually applying for j*bs right now god bless

April 16th 4
Q: you already have a job: professional coke snorter -backchecked

Coke snorting is my night job. I need a day job to support my night job ya feel 

April 16th 1

dennys i need a job hire me pls

April 16th 1
2014 Shirts off our backs
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Ugh I try to avoid you as much as possible but your bitchass keeps popping up on my dash 

April 15th 2
Q: Hey babe you're a hot mama -benngeron

Not as hot as you ;) heheheh

April 15th 1
Q: Hey babe feat. sunglasses emoji -backchecked

ayyyyy you’re a babe Emma

April 15th

Put a “Hey Babe” in my ask if you’d date me

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